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Different Types of Furnaces and What Is Right for Your Home

When it comes to ensuring a comfortable and cozy living space, having an efficient and reliable furnace is essential, especially in Las Vegas, NV where temperatures can vary significantly throughout…... Read Article

How to Determine the Proper Size for Your HVAC System

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6 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire a Certified HVAC Technician

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Why Is My Water Heater’s Pilot Light Off, and How Do I Re-Light It Safely?

Most water heaters in Las Vegas today are equipped with a pilot light that helps to ignite the burner in the main tank. The pilot is an essential part of…... Read Article

How to Choose the Best Home Air Purification System

If you’ve been thinking about installing an air purification system in your home, you’re not alone. Nearly everyone is concerned about the air quality inside their homes and is looking…... Read Article

How to Decide Whether to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Here in Las Vegas, NV, it’s hazardous to face the summer heat without a properly-functioning air conditioning system. However, the price of a new central air conditioning system isn’t an…... Read Article

All About Your HVAC System’s Air Filters

Air filters are an important component of your HVAC system. They prevent a lot of undesirable particles from entering your home and keep your HVAC system running smoothly. If you…... Read Article

What Do HVAC UV Lights Really Do?

If you’re looking to minimize allergy symptoms and keep your family healthy, upgrading your HVAC system with UV lights is a great option. UV lights have been shown to improve…... Read Article

How to Fix Issues That Cause Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

It’s common for parts of a home to always stay hotter or colder than the rest of the building. This problem can occur for a variety of different reasons. The…... Read Article

8 Reasons to Upgrade to a Programmable Smart Thermostat

We use thermostats to regulate the temperature in our homes and businesses and control our heating or cooling systems. Manual home thermostats are simple non-programmable thermostats that require you to…... Read Article

6 Reasons to Get an HVAC Maintenance Plan

A well-functioning HVAC system is essential for your home. It regulates the temperature and air quality, keeping you comfortable and healthy. However, these systems can become inefficient, unreliable, and dangerous…... Read Article

Breathing Danger: Unveiling the Hidden Threats of Air Pollution in Your Home

Air pollution is often thought to come from things like cars, factories, and power plants that are outside. However, indoor air quality also has a significant impact on our health.…... Read Article

Reasons Why Furnace Maintenance Is a Must for Homeowners

Most Las Vegas homeowners have heard that it is recommended they check their furnaces every year. Unfortunately, only some people take this recommendation as seriously as they should. Homeowners who…... Read Article

Powering Up the Future: A Look at the SEER Standards in 2023

The HVAC industry is taking significant steps towards sustainability by implementing new SEER standards in 2023. Starting January 1, 2023, the minimum SEER rating and testing requirements for residential air…... Read Article

Understanding Water Leaks and Other Common Furnace Problems

While Las Vegas is famous for its sweltering hot weather, it can get downright chilly on many winter nights. This is why most homes in the area still rely on…... Read Article

10 Reasons to Call a Professional Plumber

1. No Water One of the most obvious signs that indicate you need to call a plumber is when there is no water. If you have paid your water bill,…... Read Article

Tips to Boost Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Signs of Poor Air Quality Air quality is determined based on the concentration of airborne pollutants in a specific location. Modern homes today are built to be as efficient and…... Read Article

6 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Save Money

If you want your air conditioner to work efficiently all summer, you’ll need to perform occasional maintenance. This is true even during months when the unit’s not in use. Staying…... Read Article

When Should I Call For AC Repairs?

Your air conditioning system is your best friend during the scorching heat of a Las Vegas summer. But like any friend, it needs to be treated well, or else it…... Read Article

Why is my AC Blowing Hot?

You walk into your house anticipating relief from scorching temperatures. However, instead of cold air flowing from the vent, you get lukewarm or hot air in your face. So, why…... Read Article

Our New Website Is Simply Sensational

We’re Excited to Show You Around Welcome to Simply Cooling, Heating and Plumbing’s new website! We think it’s Simply sensational and we hope you do, too. If you’re a loyal…... Read Article

Why is AC Maintenance Essential to my Unit?

Simply AC Heating & Plumbing in the Las Vegas Valley offers preventive AC maintenance and regular AC tune-up appointments that are critical to maintaining your air conditioning unit. 4 REASONS TO INVEST IN…... Read Article

Indoor Air Quality

If you’re concerned about your indoor air quality in Las Vegas, NV, Simply AC Heating & Plumbing can help you filter out pollutants and breathe easier. Damaged air circulation systems…... Read Article

Spring & Summer HVAC Maintenance

Warmer weather is coming to the Las Vegas Valley, and that means it’s time for spring and summer HVAC maintenance from Simply AC Heating & Plumbing. Don’t wait. Routine maintenance now may help prevent…... Read Article

Chet Buchanon Toy Drive

Simply Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing participated in the Las Vegas Toy Drive with Chet Buchanon at 98.5 KLUC and HELP of Southern Nevada. We were able to donate 80 bikes and 20…... Read Article