American Standard Air Conditioning & Heating

HVAC Brand American Standard

To fight the heat of Las Vegas, we recommend American Standard, and Simply AC Heating & Plumbing would be happy to supply and service your HVAC system.

American Standard: Leading The Path In HVAC

Deciding on the right HVAC system for your home can seem daunting. There are so many different types of units to choose from, and there are many pros and cons to each of them. Selecting the HVAC system that is best for your home requires understanding the power of each unit based on your square footage, as well as the lifespan of the unit and what repair costs are associated with the device.

American Standard Offers A Collection Of Products That Lead The Way In HVAC

American Standard ruthlessly tests every single product to make sure that they are up to par before being sent out to manage your household comfort level. The company simulates harsh environments that mimic the Nevada dry winds and endless heat to ensure that it can stand up to whatever is thrown at it.

Why you can Trust American Standard

American Standard is one of the oldest producers of HVAC products in the United States. Their long history has earned them the ranking of one of the most trusted companies, and they are known for building units that are strong and reliable.

Get Your American Standard Product Today

Simply AC Heating & Plumbing in Las Vegas is here for you, contact us today about purchasing an American Standard product or for maintenance and inspection of the one you already have. Whether you are shopping for a unit for a new build, or you are looking to replace an old unit on an existing home, there are options available that will fit your budget and your household’s needs.

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